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Having a robust Endpoint security foundation is crucial, but Antivirus alone isn’t enough. Business Patch Management takes the complexity out of patching by identifying critical vulnerabilities and allowing us to manage and deploy patches, ensuring you're secure against vulnerabilities

Patch Management plays a critical role in layered Endpoint cybersecurity.

Patch Management plays a critical role in Endpoint cybersecurity. Patches are released to fix vulnerabilities or security gaps in Windows operating systems and other application software. If patches are not applied promptly, networks can be severely compromised.

While most businesses are aware of the importance of patching, many don’t because there are too many patches, patching often interrupts operations, and patches can cause problems with other systems.

Patch Management, now available in both the Management Console and CloudCare, solves these issues by making it easy to identify and deploy critical patches and monitor ongoing activity from a central dashboard.

We scan all devices for missing patches

Select the frequency of the patch scan, either daily, weekly, or monthly and schedule at the precise time when you would like the scan to take place.

Deploy patches

All vendors, software applications, and severities will be patched automatically, but you can also easily exclude any application that you don’t want patched.

Review patch status

From the dashboard, quickly see missing patches, patch name and severity level, along with release notes, release date, and more.

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With Avosec Business Patch Management, businesses can rely on their systems being patched against vulnerabilities in operating systems and also from outdated applications.

Prevent Vulnerabilities

Keep Windows Operating Systems and other third-party software applications up to date automatically to prevent possible vulnerabilities or security gaps.

Ensure Compliance

Identify and patch outdated or failed-to-install software to ensure company and regulatory compliance, and to prevent security breaches.

Centralised Management

Stay in complete control of patches with centralised management that allows you to scan all devices, set schedules, and receive reports from a single dashboard.

We Patch your

Are your endpoints safe?
We recently conducted a security assessment of 500,000
endpoints and only 29% passed all of the patch tests. And of the
500,000 devices analyzed, only 304 were 100% patched.

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