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Complete threat protection for data, devices, and people

Maintained centralised control

Our managed Antivirus service gives you centralised Cybersecurity Management of all IT assets and prevents users from shutting off or uninstalling their Antivirus Software to ensure continuous, up-to-date protection.

Get multi-layered protection

Avosec Managed Antivirus provides all-in-one protection that keeps users and connected devices – within the network or on public networks – safe from sophisticated online threats. Our team of Cybersecurity engineers watches vigilantly for alerts.

Defeat known and unknown threats

Our Solution enables us to rapidly deploy threat countermeasures to ensure your business remains secure. We do this using our partners worldwide network of sensors to analyse and neutralize the latest threats before they can put your business in danger. When a threat is identified on one device, we immediately push out updates to our entire network, helping us prevent more than 1.5 billion Malware attacks per month.

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Avast Business
Managed Antivirus


With Avosec Avast Business Managed Antivirus, businesses can rely on award-winning Endpoint Protection for devices, data, and people – anywhere on the network.

Remotely install antivirus on devices across multiple offices and centrally manage them from an easy-to-read dashboard to ensure all devices are always up-to-date and Malware-free.

Powerful cyber protection

Our hundreds of millions of users continually feed data into our immense cloud-based machine-learning engine, helping us quickly identify and destroy threats.

Complete visibility

Deploy, configure, and manage antivirus from a centralized dashboard for complete visibility across all managed devices, whether they are onsite or remote.

Comprehensive reporting

Stay on top of your security with in-depth analyses displayed in easy-to-read reports that include threats blocked, devices without antivirus, and devices with overdue virus scans.

Total Threat Protection with Avosec

Key vulnerabilities: devices and people

You’ve probably heard countless terms relating to cybersecurity, but here we are going to focus on just one: attack surface. An “attack surface” is simply the number of possible ways an attacker can get into a device or network and extract data.

When information leaks

An important vulnerability came to light this past week – Samba open-source networking stack. The vulnerability means that any authenticated user can overwrite any other user’s password including the admin passwords. So if you’re a Samba admin, you need to update now.

Five endpoint threats affecting small businesses

This cybersecurity guide aims to help small business owners protect their companies against endpoint threats. Below is a step-by-step introduction to cybercrime followed by our list of the top five endpoint threats.

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